Adam Dziewonski

Adam M. Dziewonski has been a pioneer in many aspects of seismology throughout his career. He received his Doctor of Technical Sciences from Academy of Mines and Metallurgy (Krakow, Poland) in 1965 and came to the United States as a research associate at Southwest Center for Advanced Studies (Dallas, Texas) in 1965. Since 1972, he has been a professor at Harvard University until his retirement in 2009. Adam's research has made fundamental contributions to various disciplines of Earth Sciences, and he has been recognized nationally and internationally. His list of awards includes the Crafoord Prize from the Swedish Academy of Sciences (1998), Harry Fielding Reid Medal of the Seismological Society of America (1999), and William Bowie Medal from the American Geophysical Union (2002).

Adam's broad research interests range from characterization of earthquake sources to mapping of the Earth's interior. Some of the important contributions include development of the centroid-moment-tensor (CMT) method, development of the Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM), introduction of tomographic techniques for imaging of the Earth's deep interior leading to three-dimensional models of mantle, determination of topography on various discontinuities within the Earth, discovery of inner-core anisotropy, super-rotation, and the innermost inner core, and investigation of anisotropy within the mantle. In addition to vigorous research program, Adam has devoted much effort during his career to the development of facilities and resources for the Earth Science community. He was instrumental in the founding of IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology), a prospering US research consortium with more than 100 university members, and the FDSN (Federation of Digital Seismic Networks), an international organization based on the principle of international cooperation and the sharing of seismological data. He has also been a significant member in establishing the Cooperative Institute for Deep Earth Research (CIDER) which promotes interdisciplinary and collaborative research and to train and educate the next generation of Earth Scientists.

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academy of Mines and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland, 1965.
M.S., Univeristy of Warsaw, Poland, 1960.

Positions Held

2009-present: Frank B. Baird, Jr. Research Professor of Science, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

1994-2009: Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

1982-1986: Chairman, Department of Geological Sciences, Harvard University

1976-1994: Professor of Geology, Department of Geological Sciences, Harvard University

1975-1976: Staff Member, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT

1972-1976: Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Harvard University

1969-1972: Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

1965-1969: Research Associate, Southwest Center for Advanced Studies, Dallas, Texas

1965: Research Associate, Institute of Geophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

1961-1965: Research Assistant, Institute of Geophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

1958-1959: Member of Polish I.G.Y. Scientific Expedition to Vietnam


2002: William Bowie Medal (American Geophysical Union)

2000: Harry Fielding Reid Medal (Seismological Society of America)

1999: Gold Medal (Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture)

1999: Doctor Honoris Causa (Academy of Mines and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland)

1998: Crafood Prize (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

1996: American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow

1995: National Academy of Sciences, Member

1988: Amerian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow

1982: American Geophysical Union, Fellow

Selected Publications

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